Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Eid Mubarak

Today is the second day of Eid so I am a little late in wishing everyone but as they say better late than never.  The day of Eid is always a little hectic for me even though I spend in at my parents, which means no cooking! Even so I am running around trying trying to get everyone ready and trying to tidy up as I go before the place is a complete chaos.  
I remember those Eids of my childhood; the sweet memories linger on even to this day.
I would wake up to the smell of my mum's cooking and I would know that today is Eid. It was a tradition that remains to this day, to be up at dawn getting the Eid feast ready. We are all grown up and can cook ourselves but nothing beats the taste of mum's food, made with her loving hands. She would dress us up in pretty little frocks with matching necklaces and I would feel like a princess. Those were the days, made all the mire special by my mum.

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