Friday, 19 June 2015

Hillarys Craft Competition

I was excited to find out about the Hillarys Craft Competition for crafty bloggers to unleash their talents using one metre of one of their fabric. I was given a choice of four fabrics of which the Daisy Pistachio appealed to me the most. I already had the idea of what I wanted to do with it in my head so when the fabric came I was pleased to see that it was even more beautiful than it looked online. I had an idea of a beautiful clutch bag embellished with sequins and beads. I did not work by any pattern and allowed my creativity to flow freely. And I have to say I am pleased with the end result. This bag took me over two weeks to make as it is handmade which I have to admit was not down to choice. My sewing machine broke down on me at the vital stage. I was not going to allow that to get me down.
I measured and cut the fabric, adding extra for seam allowance.

I embellished the fabric with sequins and beads by sewing them onto the pattern of the fabric.

I cut interfacing and inner lining material for the purse and hand sewed these together with the Daisy Pistachio fabric.

with some sparkly green wool and a tapestry needle I sewed some Citrine on the sides of the bag.

I was pleased with the finished result.

Thank you to the good people at Hillarys blinds for giving me this opportunity to express my creativity. I have enjoyed it and found out things about myself that I did not know.
This is my entry for Hillarys Craft Competition for which I was sent a metre of fabric.