Monday, 16 June 2014

Rainbow Rad

I was putting off restarting this blog again mainly because I was not confident I would keep ahead of things. When I saw that TOTS 100 were running a competition to create a healthy super hero with the kids I could not resist. I simply love all things creative. As I am such a creative person I had many materials lying around the house. But first I discussed with my kids what health means to them. Here are some of the suggestions we came up with.

To be healthy is to eat properly and get enough sleep and exercise.

To be able to breathe properly(this because my youngest suffers from asthma).
To have heaps of energy.
To be happy and content with life and look forward to the day ahead.
To play outside and get enough sunlight.

To sum things up health is not just physical, it is experienced on an emotional, mental level as well.
We decide our healthy super hero would be the colours of the rainbow. His powers include:

Helping us grow our own fruit and vegetable. He helps us plant lemon trees and apple trees in the garden.
Taking children away from their gadgets and making playing outside fun, such as climbing trees and playing sports.
He helps us enjoy our greens.
He can cool fevers by blowing on the ill person.
His breath can release aromatherapy oils for a calm, serene environment.
His breath can also help asthmatics breathe by fighting pollution and making the air sweet and clean.
He can make sweets out of fruit.
Helps us stay clean and look after our environment by recycling bottles and paper.
His eyes are made of aventurine which give you good luck and prosperity when he stares at you.
His rainbow colours are magical with all colours having different functions.
Red is for all things to do with blood. It is healing and gives you rosy cheeks
Orange is for making you happy
Yellow is for making skin glow
Green is for helping the environment stay clean
Blue is for bringing calm
Indigo is for helping you concentrate
Violet is for helping you sleep and have nice dreams.

We decided to call our superhero rainbow rad.

He was created by cutting strips of different colour fabric. we hand stitched these together. I love making jewellery from gemstones and I had some green Aventurine so we decided to use it for the eyes.

This image is my entry for the TOTS 100/ Plum baby mighty moments challenge to create a healthy superhero.


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    1. Thanks for the lovely comment. We are a family with a very vivid imagination!

  2. www.thebrickcastle.com20 June 2014 at 03:24

    I like Rainbow Rad - he's cool. He wears jeans and everything, and his super-powers are brilliant, especially violet. I like that one best

  3. Rainbow rad is super cool, hope you win the competition.

  4. I hope you win this competition best of luck from asma fariya n umeir :)

  5. Thank you for the lovely comment.

  6. Good Luck ... in life you get what you deserve and you become what you try for .. your an inspiration for all those women out there XxxxX

    1. Thank you so much. That is such a lovely thing to say.

  7. I like Rainbow Rad - he's cool. He wears jeans and everything, and his super-powers are brilliant, especially violet. I like that one best :)

    PS. I've had a hell of a lot of trouble commenting on blogs this last few days and I'm blaming you entirely! ;)